aside February 2019 LPN Meeting Announcement & Location Update – CANCELLED

Due to the weather, we will be cancelling this meeting. Stay tuned for updates on when we will be meeting next.

Please join us for our February monthly meeting which will be held at the Lower Polk Community Benefit District Office, directly after the LPCBD’s 3rd Annual Meeting.

WHAT: Joint Lower Polk Neighbors / Lower Polk CBD Meeting
WHERE: Lower Polk CBD Office at 1170 Sutter Street
WHEN: Wednesday, February 13th, 2019, Starting at 6pm. 

Light Refreshments will be served.

6:00pm – Lower Polk CBD Annual Meeting 

  • 2018 Recap:
    • NEN Award, Trash pick up, Graffiti, Pressure Washing, Events, Pit Stop, Tenant Landlord Clinic, Art Walk
  • Looking Forward to 2019:
    • Sgt. Macaulay Park, Activations, Gallery, and more!
    • And More!
7:00pm – Lower Polk Neighbors February 2019 Meeting 
  • Thai / Southeast Asian New Years Festival Presentation
  • Neighborhood Development Update
  • Q & A

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