aside LPN Confronts Nightlife Problems

The February 10 meeting of LPN was well attended, with an overflow crowd turning out to discuss what many describe as the “near riot” on Super Bowl Saturday night on Polk Street between Bush and Sutter. Supervisor Peskin, Captain McEachern, the Mayor’s office, bar owners, residents and others showed up to find out what happened. Lower Polk Neighbors’ focus is what to do now, given that everyone agrees that this kind of behavior in our neighborhood is unacceptable.

Supervisor Peskin’s office, the SFPD, the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services, the Entertainment Commission, neighborhood leaders, bar and club owners have agreed to meet to discuss how to solve the problems that lead up to these created and predictable events. Together with the Lower Polk CBD, we intend to address these problems while finding a way to include everyone in the discussion who can help make change. As a neighborhood, we need to find way to do better. We need to step up and advocate for our neighborhood so that there IS adequate police presence when our bars let out at 1:30-2:30am in the morning. We need to do better when we know a big party weekend is approaching and work with the City officials and the SFPD to prepare to protect our homes, property and quality of life.

If you are interested in becoming more involved and to help with this effort, contact us at [email protected]. The meeting was covered by local news outlet, Hoodline. The story contains a lot of details that are helpful understand the SFPD’s response to the situation. Click here for that story.


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