aside New Development Projects in Lower Polk

The Lower Polk Neighborhood is about to see some serious development action in the upcoming months and years. Chris Schulman, our Secretary and Neighborhood Development Liaison, put together a short presentation that brings us up-to-date on the projects in the pipeline.

Lower Polk Neighbors intends to engage with Developers and Project Sponsors in a positive, transparent, and collaborative manner. Lower Polk Neighbors would like to work closely with developers to develop projects that are compatible and a benefit to the neighborhood.

Lower Polk Neighbors is preparing Development Principles to provide to Developers as a starting point for discussions. Principles will be discussed in an agenda item following this presentation. Development Principles will be finalized with input from the membership and will guide the Executive Committee in discussions with Developers. The Executive Committee will work with Developers prior to presenting at LPN meetings. In general, a sponsor will present two or more times to the membership. One or more informational/feedback meetings, followed by an approval by the membership at a subsequent meeting. The Executive Committee (with members invited to testify at public meetings) will work with City Officials to ensure our organization’s position is considered during entitlements.

NOTE: This information was current as of late January 21, 2016. Keep in mind that as time passes, each project will change, some may be withdrawn, while new ones may start up as well. 

The projects are located at:

  • 1055 Geary Blvd (Stage: Preliminary Project Assessment)

    719 Larkin (Stage: Conditional Use Submitted)

    1033 Polk (Stage: Conditional Use Filed)

    965 Post (Stage: Preliminary Project Profile submitted)

    200 Van Ness (Stage: Preliminary Project Profile)

    1335 Larkin (Stage: Discretionary Review Filed)

    1145 Polk Street (Stage: Preliminary Project Assessment)

    1244 Larkin (Stage: Building Permit applied)

    1567 California (Rendering of this building is the top photo) (Stage: Conditional Use Hearing Pending for February 24 (Lower Polk Neighbors supported)

    1238 Sutter (Stage: Fully Permitted- Construction commencing Spring)

    1433 Bush (Stage: Fully Permitted- Modified CU pending for revisions)

    Next Steps:

    • The Development Principles will be reviewed at the March 9 LPN meeting.
    • Lower Polk Neighbors will update our website to include all projects in the pipeline soon. (Any volunteers to help with that would be great!)
    • The website will also include an ability to provide comments.LET US KNOW IF YOU WANT TO ENGAGE ON A SPECIFIC PROJECT!
      The Executive Committee looks forward to working with members who want to help make a project better and more compatible with the community. Please email <[email protected]> to let us know if you want to be involved in one or more project.

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